Section III (lost property)



52. Liability for lost property
A Train Company will take reasonable care of any luggage, articles, animals or cycles which are taken into its safekeeping after being left in its trains or on its premises and will make a reasonable effort to contact the owner.

53. Retrieval of property
A Train Company or Rail Service Company may restrict or refuse access to retrieve any property left in its trains or on its premises if it is reasonable to do so.

54. Ownership
Property found in a train or on a Train Company's premises will not be treated as belonging to the person who finds it and must be handed over immediately to a Train Company's member of staff.

55. Examination and disposal
If property is left in a train or on a Train Company's premises, the Train Company has the right to open it and examine the contents before removing it to a secure place. The Train Company may, without being liable, remove or dispose of any property, which might in its opinion cause any damage or any injury or inconvenience to persons.

56. Charges
A Train Company may make a charge (not exceeding £2 per day per item) for storing property and (not exceeding £30 per item) for retrieval of property by the owner
depending on:
(a) the type of property; and
(b) the period for which it has been kept.

57. Unclaimed property
Any property taken into a Train Company's safekeeping which has not been retrieved within three months will be sold or otherwise disposed of and any money from the sale will be kept by the Train Company. Items which are perishable may be disposed of earlier.


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