Cheapest vs flexible tickets

Raileasy always recommend booking in advance to make sure you can get the best discounts - travellers can save up to 80% by booking in advance. We're also here to help find the best fare for you.


How to Find the Best Fare!

Raileasy have simplified the four main UK rail fares into two categories: 'CHEAPEST' and 'FLEXIBLE'.

The "Cheapest" ticket types are ADVANCE FARES (Fixed Time)

The "Flexible" ticket types (in order of increasing flexibility) are the SUPER OFF PEAK, OFF PEAK, or ANYTIME fares.

For more information on the different types of UK rail fares please click here.


You know when you want to travel

Opt for CHEAPEST FARES - This option will display all available ADVANCE (fixed time) fares with savings of up to 80%. These fares are released anything UP TO 12 weeks in advance, but sometimes later so check regularly for the best prices as these fares are subject to availability.



You don't want to be restricted to one train

Opt for FLEXIBLE FARES - This option will display a variety of fares, generally an increase in price = increase in flexibility from the most time and route restricted SUPER OFF PEAK tickets, to OFF PEAK (travelling on the 'quieter' routes and times), to the completely flexible ANYTIME fares.



You want both!

Raileasy now gives travellers the option to book a 'combo' fare with flexibility in just one direction. For example if you know when you want to travel on the outward journey but want your return journey to be flexible, select 'cheapest' on the outward and select 'flexible' for the return. You can flick backwards and forwards between flexible and cheapest on the fares and timetables page making it easier to compare prices.

Raileasy's smart booking engine will always find the cheapest prices for every combination of your journeys (where possible). For return journeys it also checks 2 singles as well as return fares for the best prices


For more information on the different fare types, click here