Cancelling your booking

First please check if your ticket is cancellable/refundable, you will find this information in your confirmation email. Whether a ticket is refundable is determined by the fare type which is set by the train operating companies, not Raileasy.


You can view the terms & conditions of every ticket before you book on the fares page by clicking on the information icon next to the price. We strongly recommend you do this BEFORE you book to make sure the ticket meets your needs.


How to cancel your booking

Please check your ticket type to see if they are refundable. If you have an Advance type ticket, then you can only amend your journey by changing the date/ time and pay any differences in ticket price including the admin fee of £10. You may do this yourself in Manage My Booking.  

Ticket Type

Refundable without a re-booking

Amendable - Change of Date / Time only and not the departure and destination stations

Flexible type (Off Peak, Super Off Peak & Anytime)



Fixed Time (Advance)



If you have collected your ToD (Ticket On Departure) tickets from a Self Service Ticket Machine, then you will have to return the tickets to the address below along with a copy of your refund claim before we can refund you (recorded delivery recommended). If you are returning your original tickets for refund, these must be received by Raileasy no later than 28 days after the original travel date

You have within 28 days of the travel date for a single and of the return date for returns to cancel your booking.


Train Cancellations and Delays

Completed journey (delayed getting into destination):

If you travelled on an alternative service due to a delayed or missed a connection and got to your destination late then you'll probably be entitled to compensation from the train company that caused the delay. The amount you'll get varies according to the train company and the length of delay.

To make a claim for a delay, cancellation or missed connection, you need to contact the train company directly. We're not able to issue the compensation - only the train company can do that.

This is called "Delay Repay", but they'll normally explain the procedure on their website, but if in doubt you can ring National Rail Enquiries on 03457 48 49 50.


Abandoned journey:

If you chose not to take your journey at all or returned to the origin station because of a delayed or cancelled train then we will be able to refund the unused tickets upon receipt of them in the post. This is classed as an 'Abandoned Journey'. We may ask you to clarify as to what happened on the day of travel before we can process your claim.