Section II (Luggage, articles, animals)


47. Accompanied luggage, articles and animals
You may take a single item of hand luggage that must be capable of being held in your lap if required, plus up to 2 items of luggage each not exceeding 30 x 70 x 90 cm in size. Unless you are disabled or have reduced mobility and have made arrangements in advance for assistance, you should be able to manage your luggage without additional help. Luggage is carried subject to sufficient space being available in the train service you wish to use. Luggage should not occupy seats intended for passengers; if it does so, it may be charged for as set out in Appendix B.
Additional items of luggage and larger items may be carried at an additional charge (as set out in Appendix B), but you should check in advance with the Train Company. Each Train Company provides information about their specific luggage conditions on request, and this can be found either from their website or from the Ticket Seller before you buy your ticket.
Some domestic animals are permitted to travel with you (as set out in Appendix B). Animals are not allowed on seats in any circumstances.
The terms, conditions and restrictions for the carriage of luggage, articles and animals are set out in Condition 49 and Appendix B.

48. Cycles
Train Companies allow cycles to be conveyed by train with the exception of a few routes. However, restrictions may apply at particular times of day and/or days of the week. A charge may be made for conveying a cycle and a reservation may be required. The Ticket Seller must tell you about these restrictions and any charges if you ask when buying
your ticket.

49. Restrictions
Any Train Company may refuse to accept an item of luggage, an article, an animal or a cycle, even though it meets the requirements set out in Condition 47 and 48 and Appendix B, if, in the opinion of its staff:
(a) it may cause injury, inconvenience or a nuisance or it may cause damage to property;
(b) there is not enough room for it;
(c) the loading or unloading may cause delay to trains; or
(d) it is not carried or packaged in a suitable manner.

50. A Train Company's liabilities
A Train Company will only be liable for any loss or damage to luggage, articles, animals or cycles in its trains or on its premises if the loss or damage was caused by the fault of a Train Company or a Rail Service Company staff or agents. A Train Company's liability in respect of any item will not exceed the limit laid down in the EU Rail Passengers' Rights & Obligations Regulation (EC No. 1371/2007), or the item's value, whichever is lower. The EU limit is based on a basket of currencies and is therefore subject to fluctuation. The current amount may be found at

51. Your responsibilities
You should take care of any item of luggage or article, animal or cycle that you take in passenger accommodation. You may be liable for any injury, damage, or loss if you do not take reasonable care.


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