Appendix A - Definitions


In these Conditions:-
(a) "Articles" means boxes, packets, packages, toys, unpacked clothing, umbrellas, sports equipment, musical instruments, wheelchairs and other such items not classed as luggage but excludes cycles;

(b) "Byelaws" refers to the railway byelaws which apply to any person when in stations, trains or any other property belonging to a Train Company or Rail Service Company, and which can be obtained at

(c) "Compulsory Ticket Area" means any area at a station identified by a notice which indicates that people may not enter that area without a ticket or other authority allowing them to enter that area, or to travel in a train arriving at or departing from that area;

(d) "Condition(s)" means these National Rail Conditions of Carriage;

(e) "Contactless Bank Card" means a credit or debit card bearing the symbol described in the notices and publications of the Train Company as being valid for use as set out in Condition 9.

(f) "Disabled Passengers or Passengers with Reduced Mobility" means any person whose mobility when using transport is reduced due to any physical disability (sensory or locomotory, permanent or temporary), intellectual disability or impairment, or any other cause of disability, or as a result of age, and whose situation needs appropriate attention and adaptation to his or her particular needs of the service made available to all passengers;

(g) "Electronic Funds" has the meaning set out in Condition 9;

(h) "Electronic Ticket" has the meaning set out in Condition 9;

(i) "Luggage" means suitcases, briefcases, lap-top computer cases, vanity cases, rucksacks, holdalls, shopping bags, carrier bags and similar items but excludes handbags and other bags used for carrying personal effects;

(j) "National Rail Network" means the network of railway lines over which Train Companies operate scheduled passenger railway services;

(k) "National Rail Timetable" means the rail timetable for passenger train services in Great Britain as provided at

(l) an "Oyster" card means a card belonging to the electronic smartcard scheme operated by Transport for London in which a number of Train
Companies participate;

(m) a Train Company's "Passenger's Charter" means the document of that name or "Customer's Charter" published from time to time by that Train Company;

(n) "Penalty Fare" means a Penalty Fare charged in accordance with a scheme made under the Penalty Fares Rules 2002 (as amended from time to time). The amount of a Penalty Fare will be as shown in the Penalty Fares Regulations 1994 (as amended from time to time);

(o) "Penalty Fares Notice" means the receipt issued when a Penalty Fare is charged;

(p) a "Permit to Travel" allows you to travel by train until you have a reasonable opportunity to buy the ticket you need for your journey, for a period of not more than 2 hours from the time of issue. The price you will have to pay for the ticket will be reduced by the amount you have paid for the Permit to Travel;

(q) "Railcard" is a card which allows ticket(s) to be bought at a discounted fare;

(r) "Rail Service Company" means Network Rail, any person (other than a Train Company) who operates a station and any person who hires rolling stock to a Train Company, but does not include London Underground;

(s) "Season Ticket" means a ticket which allows you to travel for a period of 7 consecutive days or longer and will have (except in the case of an Electronic ticket) one or more of the following characteristics:
(i) it shows the word "Season";
(ii) it shows the word "Travelcard";
(iii) it is endorsed with a photocard number;

(t) "Smartcard" means a card that is able to contain one or more Electronic Tickets and/or Electronic Funds;

(u) "Train Company" means a company operating passenger railway services which is required to apply these Conditions to its tickets under a condition of the Passenger Licence granted to it by the Office of Rail Regulation. A list of these companies can be found in Appendix C. "Train Companies" means all or more than one of these Companies;

(v) "Ticket Seller" means any person authorised to sell tickets for scheduled services on the National Rail Network including Train Companies and their agents;

(w) "Zonal Tickets" are those tickets which permit travel only within a defined area.


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