Section IV (Miscellaneous)


58. Limitation of authority of a Train Company's staff or agents
A Train Company's staff or agents have no authority to waive or change these Conditions.

59. Unacceptable conduct
When on stations or trains you must act in accordance with the Byelaws. Any person who a Train Company has reasonable grounds to believe is likely to act in a riotous, disorderly or offensive manner may be refused access to, or may be required to leave, trains, platforms or stations.

60. Carriage by road vehicles
These Conditions apply to passengers travelling and luggage, articles, animals and cycles conveyed in road vehicles provided by a Train Company or its agents unless it is made clear to you when you buy your ticket that different conditions apply. The term "train" in this context includes any road vehicle owned or operated by a Train Company or on
its behalf.

A Train Company may replace a train with a road vehicle at short notice or on a planned basis and your journey time may be extended. The Train Company may refuse to accept some types of luggage, articles, animals and cycles in accordance with Condition 49. The Ticket Seller must make clear if any planned replacements are likely to affect your journey when you buy your ticket, provided the information is available to them. If the replacement is at short notice and you cannot complete your journey because the Train Company is unable to transport your luggage, articles, animals and/or cycles by road vehicle, you will be entitled to compensation in line with Condition 42 as if your train had been cancelled.

61. Parking of motor vehicles and cycles
Conditions for parking motor vehicles and cycles are available at stations where there are parking facilities.

62. Left luggage
Left luggage conditions are displayed at stations where there are left luggage facilities.

63. Claims against a Train Company
(a) Personal injury, loss or damage to property:

If you wish to make a claim against a Train Company for personal injury or any loss or damage to property, you may write to the Train Company or
alternatively contact:

CAHA Registrar Ltd
1 Eversholt Street

(b) Other claims including Passenger's Charter claims or complaints under these Conditions or a Passenger's Charter should be referred to the relevant
Train Company.

64. Governing law
These Conditions will be governed by English law, except where a ticket is bought in Scotland for travel wholly within Scotland, in which case these Conditions will be governed by Scots law.

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