Checking Train Times & Disruptions

Re-check train times and set up journey alerts

As part of our Terms & Conditions, we ask that customers re-check their train times before they travel on National Rail Enquiries on 03457 48 49 50 or via the website to make sure there haven't been any changes to their journey as a result of engineering works for example.


What happens if I miss the train?

If you booked an Advance ticket, you must arrive at your departing station in good time to catch your train - if you miss your train, then your tickets will no longer have any value and you will have to buy a new ticket for your journey.

Go to Manage My Booking to amend your journey.


If cancelled or delayed trains cause you to miss a connection, then the NRCoT Condition 9.4 entitles you to catch the next available train(s) to your destination. If practicable, you are advised to ask a member of staff to endorse your ticket for travel on alternative services, but please note the following restrictions may apply, unless waived by the relevant train companies:

  • If your ticket restricts you to a particular train company, you must only use the services of that company

  • If your ticket restricts you to a particular route, you must continue using that route

  • If you have split tickets, you must take trains that stop at the stations where you change from one ticket to the next.


Am I entitled to a refund from the retailer or a Delay Repay / Compensation from the Train Company?


Completed journey (delayed getting into destination):

If you travelled on an alternative service due to a delayed or missed a connection and got to your destination late then you'll probably be entitled to compensation from the train company that caused the delay. The amount you'll get varies according to the train company and the length of delay.

To make a claim for a delay, cancellation or missed connection, you need to contact the train company directly. We're not able to issue the compensation - only the train company can do that.

This is called "Delay Repay", but they'll normally explain the procedure on their website, but if in doubt you can ring National Rail Enquiries on 03457 48 49 50.


Abandoned journey:

If you chose not to take your journey at all or returned to the origin station because of a delayed or cancelled train then we will be able to refund the unused tickets upon receipt of them in the post. This is classed as an 'Abandoned Journey'. We may ask you to clarify as to what happened on the day of travel before we can process your claim.


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