Ticket On Departure (TOD)

TOD or ticket on departure means you collect your tickets at the station. You can collect your tickets any time from the moment you book from any TOD station, so if your card will expire before the travel date you must collect them before.

Click here for a full list of stations and their TOD facilities.

*Please click on your preferred station to check station opening hours, especially if you plan to collect early in the morning.

How to Collect TOD Tickets

To collect your tickets all you need is:

1. Your 8 character ticket collection reference number
2. The exact credit or debit card you booked with.

You may collect your tickets from either a self service ticket machine and/or at the ticket office. We recommend that you collect your tickets at least 20 minutes before your departure time. You will find your collection reference in the confirmation that appears on screen after the booking is complete and in your confirmation email.


If your payment card is lost, stolen or replaced and you have not collected your tickets please call the number on your confirmation email immediately.

We may be able to unlock the booking to Any Card Collect for you if given sufficient time. 

If there isn't enough time, then you will have to make an amendment to your journey and pay any difference in price, inclusive of the admin fee.

What if some tickets did not come out of the machine?

The collection receipt will always indicate the number of coupons that have been ticketed. Please ensure that you count all the coupons (except the receipt) before leaving the machine.

If you think you are missing some tickets and the collection receipt has indicated that all coupons have printed, then the first thing you should do is flag down the station staff, do not leave the machine unattended as it is likely that your tickets have been lodged in the chute. The staff may be able to open up the machine for you and retrieve the missing tickets. Ticketing facilities at the station are are managed by the train companies and not Raileasy.

The receipt has indicated that my tickets have been printed but I am still missing a ticket, what should I do?

Check your itinerary to see which ticket you are missing and show this to the staff at the ticket desk immediately. Sometimes it could be a machine fault and the ticket desk staff should be able to issue the missing ticket for you.

What do I do if I have lost my ticket?

If you have searched high and low and still couldn't locate your missing ticket then you will have to buy a new ticket for your journey. Printed tickets cannot be replaced and we are unable to offer a refund for a ticket that has been lost.

Raileasy recommends E-Tickets where you can self-print at home or download onto your smartphone, ready for your journey.