TOD Ticket Collection

Ticket on Departure

TOD or ticket on departure means you collect your tickets at the station. You can collect your tickets any time from the moment you book from any TOD station, so if your card will expire before the travel date you must collect it beforehand.

Click here for a full list of stations and their TOD facilities.

*Please click on your preferred station to check station opening hours, especially if you plan to collect early in the morning.


How to Collect TOD Tickets

To collect your tickets all you need is:

1. Your 8 digit ticket collection reference number
2. The exact credit or debit card you booked with.

You may collect your tickets from either a self service ticket machine and/or at the ticket office. We recommend that you collect your tickets at least 20 minutes before your departure time. You will find your collection reference in the confirmation that appears on screen after the booking is complete and in your confirmation email.


Raileasy Always Recommends TOD

Where it is possible, customers of Raileasy are encouraged to purchase their tickets on a ticket on departure (TOD) basis. This means you collect your tickets at your convenience and it saves worries about tickets getting lost in the post or you losing them before you travel. It also means we can sell you tickets right up untilto 1 hour before the departure of your chosen journey.



If your card is lost, stolen or replaced and you have not collected your tickets you must call us immediately on the number below. If you have problems with the ticket collection machines the first thing you should do is go to a ticket window, the staff there may be able to retrieve your tickets from the machine. If there is no one at the ticket office, please call 0906 20 20 002*
* Calls cost £1.02/min from BT UK landlines. Costs from other networks and mobiles may vary