Rail Fare

Find a cost effective rail fare for your train journey online with Raileasy.co.uk

rail fare

Book rail tickets with the experts and you could save up to 80% on the normal price of day of departure rail fares when you book early. Even if you wait until the night before travel to book a rail ticket you could save up to 30% on your rail fare.

Booking a rail fare

  • It's Real Easy to find a rail fare with Raileasy! Simply enter your journey details into the booking engine above and we will show you the best rail fares for your journey. Once you have entered the details of your journey, we will display the possible times and rail fares.
  • Finish booking your rail ticket by selecting a time and rail fare, then enter the required information into the empty boxes and press the green buttons at the bottom of each page.
  • Raileasy's smart booking engine will always default toshow cheap tickets, the cheapest available at the time, so you do not have to root around to find a good deal. Sometimes the cheapest rail booking may be two single tickets so we will also compare two singles with a return.

Finding a cheap rail fare

  • The cheapest UK train fares, advance fares, must be booked prior to the date of travel and are subject to availability. Although non refundable and only valid on the date and time shown on the ticket, they can be amended subject to an admin fee and any difference in the price of the fare.
  • These tickets are available up to twelve weeks in advance and whilst it's best to book early to ensure a good discount, these fares are sometimes released later so you need a train, last minute deals may still be available Raileasy advises our customers to check the cost of a rail fare regularly for the best price
  • Raileasy will always default to show you the cheapest rail fare unless you choose otherwise, so check the times and the cost of a rail fare with us - you could save ££s.