Cheapest Fare Finder

National Rail Train Tickets

If you're on the hunt for low cost train tickets, our nifty cheapest fare finder tool is the answer to your prayers! Searching over a much wider time frame than an ordinary search, the cheapest fare tool is fantastic way highlighting cheaper fares for your journey at different times of day.

The cheapest fare finder explained

The cheapest fare finder is ideal if you don't need to travel at a specific time. Whilst an ordinary search will only bring up eight trains, the cheapest fare finder searches the whole day. If you happen to enter a time when there no cheap trains but you're actually happy to travel at any time of day, booking via the cheapest fare finder, will prevent you from missing out if there are low cost tickets available at an earlier or later time.

How do I use the cheapest fare finder?

  • Click the button marked 'advanced options' on the bottom left hand side of the booking engine and check the box labelled 'find the cheapest fares throughout the day.'
  • A pop up message will appear explaining how the tool works and leaving after/arrive by drop down menu will be replaced with a bar showing the time range the booking engine will search over.
  • To increase or reduce the time range, click the grey buttons at either end of the bar and move them to the left or right until you are happy with the times and press 'find tickets'.

Selecting your Fare

  • When using the cheapest fare finder tool, the cheapest fares for your journey will be shown in blue on the left hand side of the page. The cheapest fare will be selected by default and the trains available at that price shown on the right
  • If the times are inconvenient, clicking another price in the list may bring up trains that are more suitable for your needs.
  • Check the T&Cs of the ticket by clicking the information buttons beside the price and find journey information by clicking the information buttons in the info column.
  • Clicking on your preferred time will highlight your train in green. When you've chosen your trains, click 'add to basket' and proceed through the booking process as normal.

Top tips for saving on train tickets

Don't forget there are plenty of other tricks to help you save on the cost of your train travel.
1) Booking in Advance can save you up to 80% on the cost if tickets bought on the day if departure. Cheap train tickets are normally released around 12 weeks in advance and are normally available until 6pm the night before travel. Cheap tickets are only released in limited numbers and sold on a first come first served basis so it's best to get in early for the lowest prices..
2) Get a railcard. If you spend £150 a year or more on rail travel, it's worth purchasing a railcard online or at the station if you're eligible. Booking train tickets with a railcard will allow you to save up to a third on the cost of your train tickets.
3) If you don't mind travelling for longer for cheaper,try selecting the slower/overtaken trains button. Comparing different train operators along the same route may also bring up cheaper fare.
4)If there are no cheap advance rail fares on your route or you need flexible rail tickets, split ticketing or breaking the journey down into two or more smaller portions with a separate train ticket for each section could be the key to finding cheap train tickets.