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Stansted Express

Stansted Express

Stansted Express is a brand of National Express, the train operating company that provides services to London Liverpool Street and the East of England.

Stansted Express Route


Stansted Express operates train services between London Liverpool Street rail station and Stansted airport. Stansted Express runs trains every 15 minutes each way. The Stansted Express route also calls at Tottenham Hale train station providing a link to the Victoria London Underground line.

Please refer to the National Express East Anglia Map © Project Mapping


Stansted Express First Class


  • If you travel First Class or Express Class with Stansted Express you enjoy: more leg room, complimentary papers and light refreshments (First Class only) throughout your journey (all subject to availability).
  • A First Class Stansted Express ticket entitles you to access into the exclusive National Express First Class lounge on platform 10 of London Liverpool Street station.


Stansted Express Timetable - London Stansted

London Liverpool Street - Stansted Airport (via Tottenham Hale*)
Mon - FriFromUntilMinutes past each hour
Departs Liverpool Street(03.40M*) (04.10*MF) 04.40, 05.1022.55, 23.2510-25-40-55
SatFromUntilMinutes past each hour
Departs Liverpool Street04.10, 04.40, 05.10*22.55, 23.2510-25-40-55
SunFromUntilMinutes past each hour
Departs Liverpool Street04.10,* 04.40, 05.10, 05.40, 06.1022.55, 23.2510-25-40-55


*Early hours not via Tottenham Hale

M - Monday only

MF Monday &Friday only
Av. journey times: to London Liv St = 47 mins/to Tottenham Hale = 35 mins.



Stansted Express Timetable Stansted - London


Stansted Airport - London Liverpool Street (via Tottenham Hale*)
Mon - FriFromUntilMinutes past each hour
Departs Stansted Airport(05.30MF) 06.00, 06.15, 06.30, 06.43^ 07.0023.45,23.59, 00.30* (01.00*FS) (01.30*FS)00-15-30-45
SatFromUntilMinutes past each hour
Departs Stansted Airport05.30, 06.0023.45, 23.59*, 00.30*00-15-30-45
SunFromUntilMinutes past each hour
Departs Stansted Airport05.30, 06.00, 06.30,07.0023.45, 23.59*, 00.30*, 01.00*, 01.30*00-15-30-45


MF - Monday & Friday only

FS - Friday & Saturday early mornings only

^ 06.45 & 07.45 leave 2 minutes early (i.e. at 06.43 and 07.43)

* Trains from 23.59 not via Tottenham Hale



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