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National Rail Train Tickets Need to book trains or plan a journey on the National Rail Network? Look no further than Raileasy, the one stop shop for all your UK train travel needs.

About Raileasy

Raileasy is a fully National Rail accredited, impartial UK website for booking trains. Our unique booking engine takes the hassle and hard work out of finding cheap UK trains by searching through countless travel options to show you all available tickets whether they are singles or returns unlike other leading sites.

Booking Trains With Raileasy

  • Finding and booking trains through our website is incredibly easy. Just enter your preferred details into the booking engine and our booking engine will find you the best available trains for your journey in a matter of moments.
  • When the fares and times appear, select one of the available fares and trains.
  • Details of the ticket terms and any changes can be found by clicking on the information buttons beside the fare and trains you have selected.

Ticket Types On UK Trains

  • You can purchase a UK railway ticket for trains operated by all British rail companies and choose to have it sent out by post or book as TOD (ticket on departure), where you collect them at the station.
  • The cheapest type of UK railway ticket, an advance fare, must be booked in advance of travel and are subject to availability. Although they are non refundable and only valid on the date and time shown on the ticket, they can be amended subject to an admin fee and any difference in the price of the fare.
  • Off peak train tickets allow travel at times when trains are not likely to be busy. They are refundable and may require you to travel on specific days, at certain times or on a particular route.
  • Anytime tickets are the most flexible type of UK rail ticket, enabling travel at any time, on any train and to break your journey at stations on your route if you want to.

Have Specific Journey Needs. No Problem!

  • Click on the 'advanced options section' on the bottom left hand side to narrow down your search for UK trains.
  • Check 'find the cheapest fares throughout the day' and our realtime booking engine for UK trains will search a wider time frame to find the cheapest tickets for your journey.
  • If you don't want want the hassle of changes, check 'direct trains only'
  • Alternatively if you know you want to travel via a particular route select either 'travel via ' or 'avoid' and enter the name of the relevant station in the space and the UK trains booking engine will find only the services on your preferred route.


Remember our UK trains booking engine covers all routes, all UK train companies and journeys to & from all stations on the UK rail network. Don't delay book with Raileasy today!

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Top Savings Tips

  1. 1. Book Early- Cheap train tickets are available up to 12 weeks in advance.
  2. 2. Avoid Travelling in Rush Hour-Off peak train tickets are cheaper!
  3. 3. Split Your Train Tickets- Split ticketing, where the journey is broken down into smaller sections could save you a small fortune on the cost of train travel. Try it here
  4. 4. Cheapest fare Finder-Our cheapest fare finder searches a wider time frame to locate cheaper rail tickets throughout the day.

Find a Cheaper Fare

If you book with us then find a cheaper fare becomes available for the exact same journey on Raileasy we will refund the original FREE OF CHARGE when you re-book as part of our BEST FARE GUARANTEE