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Train to Vienna

Vienna, the political, cultural and economic capital of Austria is easy to reach from the UK by train: Starting in London take the Eurostar at lunchtime to Paris, changing in the afternoon for a train to Strasbourg, then take the overnight train through Austria and wake up in Vienna.  Getting the train to Vienna couldn’t be easier!  Prices start as little as £78

You can also get the train to Vienna via Paris and Munich or via Brussels and Cologne, and why not take the train from Vienna further; the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary are a stones throw away.

Vienna is a UESCO world heritage site, home to the oldest zoo in the world, the oldest and last traditional dressage riding school, and is host to major international organisations including the UN and OPEC.

VIVICULTURE:  The romantic city laid its routes as a Celtic settlement and has been famous for its delicate wines since the Roman times; sample a local Riesling with traditional Viennese cuisine such as weiner schnitzel (veal escalope) and erdäptel saleet (potatoes), with Apfelstrudel for dessert.

HISTORY: The Innere Stadt (Inner city) heart of the city is the historical centre: explore the town hall, Burghtheater, Vienna University, parliament, the Opera house, and many monuments and parks all in the former grounds of the ancient city wall destroyed in the 19th century.

DANUBE ISLAND:  Formed by the DANUBE River and canal the island contains Prater Park, one of Vienna’s most famous and a huge 352m high concrete needle which provides stunning views of the Vienna cityscape.

MUSIC and ART: Vienna is a city of music and art, home of Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Straus, and the Vienna Boys choir.  Concerts, balls and events are held throughout the year and there really are no better surroundings then the breathtaking buildings and streets of Vienna to appreciate these styles of music.  Vienna Museum of Art houses art collections to rival that of Paris and New York.

The Drater funfair, the ancient architecture of St. Stephen’s cathedral reflected along the shimmering glass walls of the contemporary Haas House, Belvedere palace and the surrounding palatial gardens and Karlskirche, the largest baroque cathedral in Vienna***

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