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cheap train tickets

Looking for Cheap Train Tickets?

Booking cheap train tickets in advance, could save you anything up to 80% on the usual cost of day of departure tickets. The cheapest train tickets, known as advance type tickets normally become available around 12 weeks in advance of the date of travel

Typical journey prices

Take a look at how much you could save by booking cheap train tickets in advance.

JourneyWalk up fare price*Advance Ticket price*Saving
London - Bath£32.50From Just £14.50£18.00
London - Bristol£32.50From Just £15.00£17.50
London - Norwich£51.20From Just £9.00£42.20
London - Manchester£81.40From Just £21.00£60.40
London - Leicester£79.50From Just £15.50£43.00
Birmingham - London£33.00From Just £8.5025.00
Cardiff - London£43.40From Just £18.00£25.40
Liverpool - London£81.40From Just £16.00£65.40
Brighton - London£17.20From Just £5.00£12.20
York - London£56.50From Just £13.50£43.00

* Walk on fares shown are a mixture off peak and super off peak singles. Advance fares shown are all advance singles for standard class travel only available in advance and sold subject to availability.

Find Cheap Train Tickets with Raileasy

Raileasy is dedicated to helping you find the cheapest train train ticket for your journey. We are fully National Rail accredited and sell cheap train tickets for services operated by all train companies in the UK. As an independent, impartial retailer our site will always default to display the lowest fares available for your journey unless you specify otherwise

Cheap Train Tickets Our Best Fare Guarantee

Whilst we always recommend booking up to 12 weeks in advance to ensure a good discount, cheap train tickets are sometimes released a little later. If you book a journey and later find cheap train tickets at a lower price for exactly the same journey available on our website- the same dates, same times, rebook the journey, let us know and we will refund you on the original, more expensive tickets in full.


Other Ways You Can Save on the Cost of Train Travel

1. Check our Cheapest Fare Finder

  • If you're prepared to be completely flexible with your travel times, our realtime cheapest fare finder tool is just the ticket to finding cheap train tickets!
  • Our cheapest fare finder tool searches a wider time frame than our ordinary search to flag up cheaper train tickets at different times of the day.
  • Just click on the 'advanced options' tab on the bottom left hand side of the booking engine and select the option marked 'find the cheapest fares throughout the day'

2. Try Booking Split Tickets

  • If there are no cheap advance rail fares on your route or need flexible rail tickets, split ticketing or breaking the journey down into two or more smaller portions with a separate train ticket for each section could be the key to finding cheap train tickets.
  • In many cases you won't even need to leave the train. Split ticket savings are available on 100s of routes across the National Rail network and are not limited to specific rail journeys or to particular train companies.

3. General Tips For Finding Cheap Train Tickets

  • Cheap train tickets are only available in limited quantities and are sold on a first come, first served basis so if you know you're going to be travelling, plan ahead and book well in advance.
  • Cheap train tickets are often available until 6pm the night before travel, so even if you've left it till to the last minute, cheap train tickets offering savings of up to 30% on the cost of tickets bought on the day, could still be on sale.
  • Cheap advance train tickets normally limit you to travelling on the trains booked. Even if you can't commit to travelling on a specific train, avoid travelling in rush hour- travelling off peak is cheaper!
  • If you don't mind travelling for longer for cheaper, try searching for slower/overtaken trains to find cheaper train tickets
  • If more than one company operates services along your route or there is more than one way to get to your destination e.g. going via, or avoiding London, comparing different train companies and different routes could save you £££s


So don't delay, check your route for cheap train tickets with Raileasy today, planning ahead could save you a small fortune!

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Top Savings Tips

  1. 1. Book Early- Cheap train tickets are available up to 12 weeks in advance.
  2. 2. Avoid Travelling in Rush Hour-Off peak train tickets are cheaper!
  3. 3. Split Your Train Tickets- Split ticketing, where the journey is broken down into smaller sections could save you a small fortune on the cost of train travel. Try it here
  4. 4. Cheapest fare Finder-Our cheapest fare finder searches a wider time frame to locate cheaper rail tickets throughout the day.

Find a Cheaper Fare

If you book with us then find a cheaper fare becomes available for the exact same journey on Raileasy we will refund the original FREE OF CHARGE when you re-book as part of our BEST FARE GUARANTEE